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Robotic Cat Toys

$37.90 $44.90
Robotic Cat Toys
Robotic Cat Toys
$37.90 $44.90

Interactive Robotic Cat Toys,Automatic Irregular USB Charging 360 Degree Self Rotating Ball,Automatic Feathers/Birds/Mouse Toys for Cats/Kitten,Build-in Spinning Led Light,Large Capacity Battery

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Robotic car toys aren’t a very big selection of ferret toys.. anywhere really. So I find that a lot of cat toys will be entertaining for them, even some dog toys. Well, ferrets have a ton of [mischievous] energy so it’s really important to keep their attention occupied or they’re likely to get into trouble. They were terrified of this thing at first! Just in awe and kept their distance.

Well, the device takes about 2 hours to charge up, but it lasts for a while! (ferrets sleep like 18 hours a day getting up to go potty and eat about every four hours. So plugging this in and having it ready works out pretty perfect,. As of now, however, they have stashed it where ever their new top-secret ferret stash is (I’ll find it cleaning soon enough). Once it’s fully charged (the lights will stay constant and not flash anymore) you turn on the sensor mode by pushing the power button one time. This setting was a bit slow for us. Push the power button again and it goes on random. The toy will flip over like one of my ferrets, sending them all into the warrior dance. My middle guy loves the feathers and is obsessed with the bell. My youngest likes the lights (she’s deaf). I’d say total success as a ferret toy.. surprised they dragged it off because it’s got some weight to it. Sturdy, easy to use, and entertaining. I’d like to get some as gifts for other ferret parents.

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  • All Floors Available
  • Large Capacity Battery
  • Various Accessories Play Themselves
  • Irregular Running
  • Worry-Free Purchase
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