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Robot Toys For Toddlers

$13.99 $25.99
Robot Toys For Toddlers
Robot Toys For Toddlers
$13.99 $25.99

Sopu Talking Robot Toys Repeats What You Say Kids Robot Toy Metal Mini Body Robot with Repeats Your Voice, Colorful Flashing Lights and Cool Sounds Robot Interactive Toy for Boys and Girls Gift (Red)

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Robot Toys For Toddlers is a very nice gift idea. If you have a toddler you’re probably familiar with “Talking Tom”; this is essentially the same. You push a button on the top of the robot’s head to turn it on (its eyes light up and it makes “robot sounds” when you do).

Then it simply repeats everything you say, and anything it picks up in the background, in a higher pitch. The button on its head turns it off again (with more “robot sounds”).

That’s all there is to it. It leaves a lot open for the kids to use imaginative play and was a hit as a birthday present for a 3-year-old. My only concern with it was how fragile it seemed.

The robot’s only about the size of a cell phone, and I’m afraid it won’t last long before it’s broken (this is also a “particular to this situation” concern – the 3-year-old in question is a very active boy and his twin brothers a year younger than him – that’s a lot of energy in one household).

Promised Review By LinnyBaum
  • Mini robot toy
  • Talking Robot are 360°rotatable
  • Long Record/ Repeat Toy
  • Unique Colors & Flashing LED Lights Eyes
  • 3 LR44 Button Batteries are Included
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