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Robot Dog Toy

Robot Dog Toy
Robot Dog Toy

Joy for All Robotic Sitting Golden Dog - Stuffed Animal Therapy for People with Memory Loss from Aging and Caregivers

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Initially, I wasn’t sure if buying a “Robot Dog Toy” was the right fit for me since I’m not one of their target customers; I don’t have dementia nor am I elderly, nor did I ever even live with a dog. In fact, I had only lived with cats before. But, then I moved into a strict no pets building. I bought this “dog” to help me with the transition from going from a real pet to being without any pet. I decided on the Joy for All dog over their Joy for All Cat because of the barkback technology. I wanted something that actually responded to me (my voice, or my touch). This robot dog has exceeded my expectations. It has brought me all the relaxing/soothing benefits of having a pet without any of the drawbacks. He still responds to my voice or touch even when he’s on mute. He’s pretty soft considering his fake fur covers basically a machine and his legs are movable where you can make him lie down (his default stance is sitting). There were a couple of hiccups on the day I opened the box. His “fur coat” shed and it was a lot. The second hiccup was for some reason on day 1 and only that day, I couldn’t get him to go into sleep mode/turn off even if I wasn’t interacting with it. However, that sleep mode issue has since resolved itself after day 1 and the shedding seemed to stop. Now I can prop him up on my couch next to me while watching tv and he goes into sleep mode if I don’t touch him or talk to him. As for the adjustment of going from a real cat’s purr to a robot dog that doesn’t purr at all, it’s still a smooth adjustment since his calming “heart” beats and you can feel and hear it when you pet his back.

I can’t say enough wonderful things about this robot dog despite the 1st day hiccups. the inconveniences of 1 day is completely outweighed by its long list of benefits for me. I recommend this for people who are in my situation where their buildings don’t allow pets, also, not just to the elderly or those who suffer from dementia.

Promised Review By Seltzer
  • Interactive with bark and movement
  • Great companion
  • On / off and mute buttons
  • Batteries included
  • Easy care
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