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Ring Spotlight Cam

$417.99 $447.99
Ring Spotlight Cam
Ring Spotlight Cam
$417.99 $447.99

Ring Spotlight Cam Battery 2-Pack (White) with Echo Dot (Charcoal)

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I read many of the reviews and almost did not purchase the camera because of them. However, after making the decision to buy Ring Spotlight Cam two and using them for the past 3 weeks, I have been very pleased. Prior to my purchase I owned a RING doorbell, and since I have purchased a RING floodlight cam. All of my cameras work extremely well.I wanted to address the comments some people are making about these cameras as I think they are a little inaccurate. The battery life is not poor. I have two cameras on the back of my house and they ran on the original battery for 3 weeks. To ease concerns about poor battery life, I have had my cameras set on the standard motion detection setting and 3 weeks is pretty good. Additionally, each camera holds two batteries so ideally you can get up to 6 weeks without changing the batteries at all. We have a lot of deers, rabbits, etc in addition to our dog so our motions probably go off more than the average household.As far as video quality, these work well at night and in the day. I watch my kids in our backyard when they walk the dog at night, and I’m able to see them fine. If you want high def like watching a movie then sure, the video quality is not up to that standard. However, if you want to see if anyone is trying to break into your house or simply monitor your yard when you’re home or not at home, it is perfectly fine.In terms of motion sensitivity, there are two settings that allow you to control the sensitivity. I think some of the reviews were a little misleading and perhaps they did not familiarize themselves with the app. There is a setting that basically lets you set the motion distance from the camera that you will pick up alerts. There is also an additional setting that let’s you change the sensitivty with three settings that are equivalent to a high, standard, and low. I find these work just as well as my Ring floodlight.At the end of the day if you want all of your cameras to be in the same product family, or you just want to install some motion lights with the hassle of having to get a hard power line to them, I think these are great. Installation only took me about 15-20 minutes per camera, and part of that was adjusting the field of view of the cameras to my liking.

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  • Custom Motion Sensors
  • Versatile Power Options
  • 24/7 Security in Your Hands
  • Alerts on your phone, tablet, and PC whenever motion
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