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RGB LED Rock Lights

$89.99 $109.99
RGB LED Rock Lights
RGB LED Rock Lights
$89.99 $109.99

MICTUNING 2nd-Gen RGB LED Rock Lights with Bluetooth Controller, Timing Function, Music Mode - 8 Pods Multicolor Neon LED Light Kit

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These RGB LED Rock Lights have allowed me to have a lot of new fun with my truck. Yes I get it they can look a little weird and that’s what I was worried about when I originally bought them. However, after installing I have had a great time with them and they have done nothing but work perfectly which I can’t say about some of the other car products found on amazon. What I struggled to find in the reviews is exactly what you need when it comes to installing this on a truck so I have done the favor to all those wondering exactly what you need to know when buying and installing this.

Things to know:

-Buy the 8 pod light set for-sure because it’s the only thing I found produces enough like to not look horrible.

-If you have a remotely long car buy the extensions on amazon and it will save you a lot of time buy 2 sets of them if you are getting the 8 pod set.

-You will need a switch to help protect the battery so a MicTuning one or any other one found at a shop will work but this is necessary.

-I installed mine myself, but the estimated price you will pay to get this installed in a shop is around 200$

-Download MicTuning app from AppStore and the Bluetooth will connect in the top right hand side of the screen. The app lags sometimes so don’t worry if it doesn’t work right away just give it time

I hoped this helps anyone who needs it. Overall, I really love these lights and think that they are a great addition to my truck

Promised Review By Nicholas Ernenwein
  • Premium RGB LEDS
  • Solid Lighting Kit
  • Reliable Control Box
  • RGB multi-colors DIY Effect & High Power
  • 2nd-Gen Bluetooth Controlled & Music Mode
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