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Resonating Chamber Of A Velociraptor

Resonating Chamber Of A Velociraptor
Resonating Chamber Of A Velociraptor

Jurassic Park Replica Velociraptor Resonating Chamber & Keychain 3D Printed (White) by 3DFORGED

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Resonating Chamber Of A Velociraptor is very nice product. Over the years I have brought quite a few Jurassic Park replicas to grow my collection. Of this collection, I have a few velociraptor replicas. This by far is one of my favorite ones.

I had high hopes after seeing the listing and the real product did not disappoint. It is made with much neatness and looks very real. Also, I do really love the sound it makes too. My one year old I s a huge fan of any sounds/music and the very nice pitch sound this replica makes is quite nice, you can even play a little song! So that is definitely a plus in my book.

Overall very satisfied with this product and will definitely be ordering more from this seller. Amazing addition to my collection!

Promised Review by Peter B.
  • Velociraptor Resonating Chamber & Free Keychain
  • Jurassic Park Replica Functional Velociraptor Resonating Chamber 3D Printed Whistle makes sound.
  • The Resonating Chamber creates a whistle like sound
  • A must have for every Jurassic Park Fan
  • Design and manufactured in California by 3DFORGED