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Resistance Bands Workout

$199.99 $229.00
Resistance Bands Workout
Resistance Bands Workout
$199.99 $229.00

BodyBoss 2.0 - Full Portable Home Gym Workout Package + Resistance Bands - Collapsible Resistance Bar, Handles - Full Body Workouts for Home, Travel or Outside

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Resistance Bands Workout is so great. WOW! I’ve been weightlifting for many years using heavy free weights doing high-intensity training (HIT). I have learned first-hand resistance training is different than moving free weights, but as I age and the injuries are piling up the doctor said it was time to move away from heavy free weights and my lifestyle has changed that going to a gym several days a week isn’t doable (live in the country far from gyms and started a farm with daily strenuous activity).

Therefore, I gave this a try, and using HIT training I’m keeping up strength as a supplement to daily chores. Doubtful this will pack on mass, but I can see it helps maintain strength over time. If I don’t use resistance training for a few weeks my strength will lessen, but it builds up once I begin resistance training again. First off, the concept of this portable gym is great. It opens/folds down quickly. The plastic is heavy duty and not flimsy.

The metal tie-downs are robust and are holding up well. It is easy to clip the bands on and off of the carabiners, but they will snag occasionally due to the design of a carabiner. The bar that comes with it is heavy duty and welded on the ends. I was surprised how well made the bar is. The various handles are made well, but I think over time the single handles will probably snap.

That is OK, as items break after heavy and repetitive use. Part of the reason I mentioned I weight lifted heavily in the past was for two reasons. One, the single bands don’t provide much resistance. Several exercises (shrugs/deadlifts) I’ve already bumped up to the maximum six bands (three per side as stated by the company and have them weaved through almost every anchor point (‘51234″ combos) I can do with three bands per side and this is time-consuming and awkward.

However, it gets the job done and I can feel I’m ‘strength training’. The cloth on the bands is bunched up and will snag on the tie downs through fluid motions and that is awkward.

The ends of the bands will also snag on the tie downs. Two, I’ve done every exercise I want to do with the BodyBoss and am satisfied it gets the job done, except for one…. bench press. Looks as if I need to buy a separate portable bench in order to get ANY resistance for benching. As lying on the floor or a small cardio stepper isn’t enough to activate any type of resistance for me.

As for other exercises I have yet to try, I can imagine how they would work and am satisfied. Bottom line, this is a great home gym they put together for someone like me who wants to/needs to strength train. It won’t replace heavy free weight training for someone who needs to move heavy iron, but is compact, portable, affordable, and allows me to workout at home as it fits my lifestyle and….. the customer service is attentive, responds and very friendly. With improvements over time and stronger resistance bands, this device will only get better.

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