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Resistance Bands for Legs

$17.99 $39.99
Resistance Bands for Legs
Resistance Bands for Legs
$17.99 $39.99

Booty 3 Resistance Bands for Legs and Butt Set, Exercise Bands Fitness Bands, Resistance Loops Hip Thigh Glute Bands Non Slip Fabric, Elastic Strength Squat Band, Workout Beginner to Professional

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I’ve tried other bands and this Resistance Bands for Legs are either too narrow or too strong. For the price these are perfect!!! In the photos you see what comes with the order. The three bands that are light, medium and strong and a carrying bag and a seriously cool little card with the photos of the exercises and suggested daily challenges.

I used to be a fitness trainer years ago and when this package arrived I was hooked on GYMBee Booty Bands!

You also get access to workout videos with the purchase. I think the 10 day challenge example with the recommended daily exercises using the band is great. Such a good way to get some exercise during a time when many gyms are closed or at limited capacity. The bands are great for small spaces like a dorm room in college, an apartment or to use while binging on Netflix. Love these!!!

I hope my review helps and no matter where you buy the workout bands it is smart to get the three different strengths. Light, medium, strong. You adjust very quickly to them and the variety of bands keep it interesting.

Also, I’m over 50 and my knees prevent me from doing squats but I can do them using the bands as they keep my focus and energy on using the gluts (rear muscles) instead of putting all my weight on my knees. Not saying it works for everyone but for me the bands keep my legs steady and no pain in my knees after doing squats with them

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