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Remote Control Spider

Remote Control Spider
Remote Control Spider

Discovery Kids RC Moving Tarantula Spider, Wireless Remote Control Toy for Kids, Great for Pranks and Halloween Decorations, Realistic Scurrying Movement, Glowing Scary Red LED Eyes

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I like Remote Control Spider Honestly, I was fairly worried about buying this thing after reading the reviews, but really glad I did! My son saw a more expensive spider in a YouTube commercial that wasn’t remote controlled and has been begging for it ever since.

After doing some looking around on Amazon, my husband and I settled on this one and my son honestly absolutely loves it.

It’s a little weird to steer, only turns in one direction, and is pretty loud but is honestly still a lot of fun and my four year old is having a blast chasing the dog around with it. It looks pretty creepy when it turns, and the batteries I put in it lasted a lot longer than I expected!

They were some old AAA batteries I just happened to find around the house. I think they’ve been in there for going on four days, and my son has left it on almost the whole time, but it’s still going. My favorite thing is just how big this thing is. I mean, it was supposed to be big, but definitely didn’t expect how big! I’ve included a picture with my size 10 in women’s foot next to it.

My only concern are the legs seem really easy to break, so definitely avoid dropping this thing.

But, on the plus side, the legs don’t appear to have anything to do with it’s movement, so I would imagine it won’t completely ruin the spider’s ability to move around normally if it was missing one or two. I would definitely recommend this big guy for a kid that’s easy on their toys.

Promised Review By Diane B
  • Infrared Wireless Remote Control
  • LED Glowing Eyes
  • Lifelike Performance With Realistic Movements
  • Built-In Radio Frequencies
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