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Remote Control Big Cars

Remote Control Big Cars
Remote Control Big Cars

Remote Control Car, NQD Off Road Monster Truck, 4WD All Terrain Climb Truck, 1:16 360° Rotation Drift Stunt Rechargeable Electric Vehicle with Head Lights

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Remote Control Big Cars is the best product. After my neighbor showed off his $600+ remote control truck, I saw the eyes of a 6 year neighbor go wild. He had a great time driving that thing around, until he heard what it cost.

The look on his face was priceless, and sad. Having owned a few remote control cars and trucks over the years, I decided to get a couple and surprise him.

I bought two of these trucks. Not only do they come with two long lasting batteries, they are robust little things. Granted, they aren’t fast (which is a good thing). This prevents you from really destroying it on your first trip around the driveway.

I charged up mine and played with it for a couple of days before giving the other one to my neighbor. We had a slight problem with that car, but they replaced it without question and didn’t even want the old one back.

We’ve been running the trucks up and down the sidewalk and through the concrete ditch, running and climbing over anything we can find. Oh… did I mention how much fun it was chasing the cats around inside the house? Trust me, it was pure pleasure! And they did seem to enjoy it (probably not as much as I did … hehehe).

The neighbor kid built a ramp and sends his flying. These are durable little toys and a lot of fun for anyone stuck at home during this crisis.

He might be only 6 years old, but this 58 year old is having just as much fun with it! I’d buy another one in a heartbeat! Keep the 2nd battery on the charger and be ready to go with the first one dies.

They are rated for 45 minutes, but I went an hour easy the first go around. The remote uses 2 AA batteries, but I’ve yet to wear those down.

In conclusion, I’ve never had this much fun after spending only a little over $40 for each one. The look on the neighbor’s face is pure joy (and his dad likes playing with it too!).

I highly recommend these and have already told others about them. My other remote toys are sitting in a box. This one sits in my living room ready for Mr. Blue Sky and perfect weather (when I’m not chasing the cats with it)!

Promised Review By Beck PC
  • it can realize free programming and you can plan its own walking route
  • Each tire is equipped with an independent suspension
  • It also can dance according to the songs played by the car body
  • we have equipped this car with a 3.7V 1200 mAh large capacity rechargeable battery.