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Reebok Mens Training Shoes

$46.39 - $170.00
Reebok Mens Training Shoes
Reebok Mens Training Shoes
$46.39 - $170.00

Reebok Men's Lifter Pr Cross-trainer Shoe

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I’ve been wanting weightlifting Reebok Mens Training Shoes for WOD’s at my crossfit gym that are mostly weightlifting. I also have Nano 7 and Reebok TR that I rotate between.

These have just enough heel and support to be comfortable and allow me to do the exercises naturally. I listened to other reviews and got HALF A SIZE DOWN. They fit perfectly. I normally wear a 7.5 in mens and 9.5 in womens in shoes (boots are different).

I also have wide and flat feet, especially my right foot. These have a wide toe box and the strap helps keep my feet feeling tight and secure. Today being the first WOD I’ve done with them, was assault bike, V-ups and thrusters. These were extremely comfortable throughout the dynamic warm up and work out.

They aren’t super heavy or stiff so I will be trying to do other WOD’s that are part weightlifting and part other things like rope climbs, burpees, and just about any exercise on the floor. The only things I wouldn’t want to attempt is box jumps and running. Box jumps b/c I already barely make the 20″ side and once I missed and cut my shin wide open. Since the heel would create an even taller gap between my feet and the box itself – I probably wouldn’t make it or I’d have to work harder and jump higher to clear the top of the box. Running b/c I stepped a little overpronated and my right foot almost rolled.

So i can imagine while running if I stepped wrong would roll my ankle.

The blue is vibrant but not too bright. Overall good shoes at a good price ($54)

Promised Review By Christina
  • Slay the circuit
  • Confidence in these men’s shoes
  • A stable and responsive midfoot wrap
  • An anti-friction lining
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