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Rectangle Glass Coffee Table

$65.62 $69.99
Rectangle Glass Coffee Table
Rectangle Glass Coffee Table
$65.62 $69.99

Hodedah Two Tier Rectangle Tempered Glass Coffee Table, Black

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Rectangle Glass Coffee Table so good, I wanted to give this a shot. All the parts take the same nuts. It’s a fair sized coffee table, and looks great, mine was missing one nut, and two feet covers.

Had a spare standard nut laying around the house that fit.

The feet are long rods with thin plastic tubes hat goe over them; not a tight fit, so you have to center it and tighten it to align it.

Since I’m on soft carpet the lack of two rubber feet did not bother me, I tossed them and just used the chrome look/metal bottoms.

It says tempered glass on the bottom plate.

But since the room it’s in is mainly mood lit, I can’t even see it.

The table is heavy, and looks like it’s worth $200-300 easy.

For something that looks like this, if you where to buy an actual glass table, you’d pay a ton more.

Absolutely not something for people that have kids, this thing for sure can’t take abuse.

But for single adults who have their own house, to share drinks and conversation with a friend and etc, you be hard pressed to find anything even remotely better with this sort of style for the price.

My guess is it’s a hit or miss, many people seem to complain about missing parts, I got lucky and it was only a few feet and a nut. Given the price, and how good it looks, I legit don’t care.

That said, if you’re missing a whole leg, or etc, I for sure would also be upset. It’s a lotto and dice roll, for the price though, I really do love this table. Bought leather chairs, and added this, and my living room looks crazy high class.Good way to do it up on the cheap if you’re savy and buying it for the right intentions

Promised Review By Patrick Ross Duval
  • Tempered beveled safety glass
  • 2-tiers of glass
  • Unique flower print on lower tier
  • Rectangular shaped with contemporary design
  • Sleek addition to your living space
  • Hardware and instructions included
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