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Real Himalayan Salt Lamp

Real Himalayan Salt Lamp
Real Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan Glow 1004 Hand Carved Natural Himalayan Salt lamp, 6-7 LBS, Orange/Amber

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Real Himalayan Salt Lamp is very nice product. I read some of the bad reviews, and could see that every now and then you may get one that isnt as pretty or odd shaped. They are cut from the earth so they will be different, and some may not have bright amber color. Personally I am all for this I like the idea that it came from mother earth, and has its own presence in your room.

I got the 9″, & OH MY GOODNESS is it amazing, you cant help but notice it when you enter the room. Its so big and weighs a ton, I am so happy with it. Even if it doesnt purify my whole room the amber glow is so soothing & calming even my boys are drawn to it, and I keep catching them staring at it. 🙂 Its stunning!

The base is just fine as well no complaints their either. It is what it is. A simple wood base with a simple light inside. Its easy to change, and it holds this giant salt rock up so I am happy.

I love it so much I want one for every single room in my home.

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