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Rattlesnake Egg Prank

Rattlesnake Egg Prank
Rattlesnake Egg Prank

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There’s a surprising number of folks who still haven’t seen this Rattlesnake Egg Prank. It’s so simple and amazingly effective. I got jumps and yelps from 6 people at my office. One person sent me an email when they were in the office over the weekend that they’d stopped by my desk for my candy bowl, saw this, picked it up, and surprised the sh*t out of them. The joke’s only good for so long once enough folks catch on, but good fun.

Promised Review By Macsarcule
  • Each pack includes 12 fake rattlesnake eggs gag envelopes
  • Twist the washer around the intertwining rubber band then put it back into the envelope
  • When the next person opens the envelope it will make a loud rattlesnake sound
  • Rattlesnake egg prank is designed to shock and scare your family Members
  • Have fun hand out these rattlesnake envelopes as a funny gag gift, prank or joke