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Raspberry Pi Zero

Raspberry Pi Zero
Raspberry Pi Zero

Raspberry Pi Zero W (Wireless) ( 2017 model)

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Raspberry Pi Zero Very fun little device. I’ve not tested bluetooth but Wifi works surprisingly well. I have mine configured now as a headless Home Assistant server running Raspberian Stretch Lite. Any configurations I do are though SSH. While I haven’t tested the throughput of the wifi, I can say I’ve not had any issues with SSH, accessing HA’s web-config, or even streaming my cameras. Honestly my only issue is when attempting to stream the cameras, it tends to really bog down the CPU (3 cameras running at very low res/bitrates/fps). However, this is to be expected giving the spec of the unit.

As a side note, I purchased mine for $18. I know prices here may be a bit inflated, but I’m willing to pay more for items Fulfilled by Amazon vs random items off ebay… but to each their own!

Promised Review By D. Adams
  • Headless Setup eg. No monitor/keyboard
  • Camera Serial Interface (CSI)
  • Pins: Run mode, unpopulated; RCA composite
  • Raspberry Pi is a trademark of the Raspberry Pi Foundation.
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