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Raindrops Candy Gummy Sushi Bento Box

Raindrops Candy Gummy Sushi Bento Box
Raindrops Candy Gummy Sushi Bento Box

Raindrops Gummy Candy Sushi Bento Box with 6 Kinds of Sushi Rolls and Garnishes - 1 Tray with 21 Sushi Bites of Marshmallows, Licorice, Sour Strips, Gummi Bears and Fish - Fun and Unique Candy Gifts

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I’ve now bought Raindrops Candy Gummy Sushi Bento Box a few times, each as part of a gift for kids. I try not to buy and endorse chemical, food coloring laden crap – but kids like stuff like this so it’s always a balancing act and a real effort to *try* and give them something they want but without giving them all those things I don’t want to poison them with. After much searching, I was surprised to only find 1 food color source in this product- BLUE 1 – which I don’t like at all, but it’s far less than most unless I go organic but they don’t make stuff that looks like sushi! Anyway, this uses primarily fruit and vegetable juice for color, paprika, turmeric and also beeswax. Not bad for candy.

Bonus, everyone says that all the components actually taste good and it is a nice display of bento work. I saw other reviews complained about the pieces having shifted in shipping. Lighten up! I get that’s not as nice a presentation (and it hasn’t happened to any that I’ve received) but when you open it you simply right the pieces in their spots and voila! Problem solved…

Promised Review By Jyen
  • 4 Candy Nigiri (marshmallow topped with a gummy fish)
  • 4 Candy California Rolls (marshmallow wrapped in a sour gummy belt)
  • 4 Candy Maki (sour licorice bites wrapped in a gummy belt)
  • 4 Candy Ikura (candy-coated gummy)
  • 3 Candy Uramaki (two sour gummy rings with a gummy bear in center)
  • 2 Candy Koikuchi (licorice)