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Rabbitgoo Front Range Dog Harness

Rabbitgoo Front Range Dog Harness
Rabbitgoo Front Range Dog Harness

WINSEE Dog Harness No Pull, Pet Harnesses with Dog Collar, Adjustable Reflective Oxford Outdoor Vest, Front/Back Leash Clips for Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large Dogs, Easy Control Handle for Walking

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Rabbitgoo Front Range Dog Harness is a very well-made harness! I reviewed every harness on Amazon (including all reviews of each) before choosing this one. What makes it great is that it’s sturdy, the plastic clasp (which they all seem to have) is larger than most and seems stronger).

Also, once you clip it in, there is a cloth piece that comes across it and snaps into place to, I assume, help keep the clasp from pulling out or breaking. It just gives it some extra hold. I suggest you buy this one, but the guidelines they give for sizing is all off.

I have a 2-year-old Shepherd/Husky mix who is tall and 78 pounds. I measured her neck and her chest just like they ask, and her measurements showed she clearly needed a “Medium.” I didn’t think that was right, so I looked and looked at the reviews and photos of the dogs people posted and sizes they bought, and I decided on an X-tra Large for my dog.

This one fit her perfectly! From what I’d read, it seems that even thought the strap around the chest is adjustable, if you get it too small, the part that comes across the neck can be too small and thus land in the wrong spot on the dog’s neck and choke the dog.

This front piece is supposed to actually fall below the neck (as you see in the main photo). I wanted one that my dog could not pull backwards and pull out of, as many harnesses are easy to pull out of. It seemed that she couldn’t pull out of this one, but when we went to the vet the other day, right inside the door she began pulling backwards trying to back herself out the door, and the harness did pull off over her head.

I had it not real tight under her chest as I didn’t want her to not be able to easily breathe in and out, so maybe I should have had it a little tighter (I’ve since slightly tightened it). I still believe it works better and stays on better than any other harness I’ve tried.

And, it seems to be exceptionally well made. I have been using this for two months and my dog pulls like a sled dog! She quit pulling when I first used it on her, but then she began pulling again, so it doesn’t stop the pulling, but I think I just need to properly train her for that.

She is getting better. By the way, I have no connection with the manufacturer of this and am not paid to write a review. Since I spent hours and hours reviewing ALL of the harnesses on Amazon, I just wanted to pass along this information to you, so you don’t have to spend the time I did to find the right one!

Promised Review by Deena
  • XL Dog Harness with Lockable Collar
  • Reflective Straps & Sturdy Handle
  • Adjustable & Customizable Neck And Chest Girth Fit
  • No Pull & Choke-Free
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