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Quick Dry Travel Towel

Quick Dry Travel Towel
Quick Dry Travel Towel

Amrapur Overseas 600 GSM 6-Piece Towel Set with Filgree Jacquard Border Taupe

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A Quick Dry Travel Towel for the people of new generation that comes with unique features and style. The first feature is the magnet clip that can be used to hang the towel with any machine. This feature is great for gym while using treadmills or any other machines. The next feature is the no-slip protection of towel. This allows the towel to be not slipped down from benches or any other place.

The most famous feature is the pocket with zipper therefore it can be used to place keys, iPod or any special thing. It has an extra mobile pocket that has a touch sensitive material on it therefore mobile can be easily access while working out. The towel sides are well-known by two different colors to separate the gym side. And the skin side to make it more hygienic. So order now to avail all the amazing feature of the towel.

Product Manufacture By NIcool

  • Magnetic clip to hang towel on machine
  • Non-slip protection
  • Pocket with zipper
  • Compartment which is touch sensitive for mobile usage
  • Different colors to separate the sides