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Pyrex Glass Measuring Cup

Pyrex Glass Measuring Cup
Pyrex Glass Measuring Cup

Pyrex Glass Measuring Cup Set (3-Piece, Microwave and Oven Safe),Clear

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I call this a bowl because it’s a pretty Pyrex Glass Measuring Cup, functioning as both that and a mixing bowl. Best of all, it goes in the microwave. My main goal in buying this cup was to have something to measure milk and also heat it when starting yogurt. Most vessels this size are too tall to fit in the microwave or metal or plastic, and/or unmarked which made my yogurt prep more complicated than I wanted. I was moving the milk from one container to another and I knew the process could be easier if I just had the right vessel. This wonderful big cup has met my needs completely.

I like the straight’ish sides which means the cup has a large base and won’t be tipping. The other feature that makes this the cup of choice is that the handle is open at the bottom (doesn’t attach to the bowl). The handle is very sturdy but because it’s open, the bowl is easier to store. It can be nested with other bowls and pots in the cupboard. The red measurements are very easy to see for right or left-handers.

Although I haven’t used the lid yet, it is nice to have the several available options. It fits snugly so the contents can be sealed in there securely. The lid can be put on the cup so that it is closed completely or so that the contents can be poured openly or poured through either strainer holes or slots so as to hold back ice or whatever. You have to remove the lid and reinstall it in the position of choice rather than turning it once on, but it holds quite well due to the flexible silicon-like edge that fits into the cup. Since the lid is not domed, it is also easy to store when not needed. I put mine in the drawer that holds my other lids. I anticipate using this bowl with the lid to make sun tea among other things. I’m very satisfied with the purchase and would buy again.

Promised Review By C. G. King
  • The red markings are easy to read on the clear glass
  • This Pyrex 2-cup measuring cup is a kitchen staple.
  • A comfortable handle and curved spout make pouring liquids easy.
  • Add a measure of consistency to your kitchen with the Pyrex 4-cup Measuring Cup that is sturdy and easy-to-read
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