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Professional Candle Making Kit

Professional Candle Making Kit
Professional Candle Making Kit

Complete DIY Candle Making Kit Supplies by CraftZee – Create Large Scented Soy Candles – Full Beginners Set Including 2 LB Wax, Rich Scents, Dyes, Wicks, Melting Pitcher, Tins & More

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Professional Candle Making Kit is very nice product. I got this as an introductory candle making experience for my family. It comes with just about everything you need to make four, 4-oz. candles in lovely tins.

The only thing you need to provide is a double boiler and sharp scissors to trim the wicks. We loved two of the scents, liked one and felt “eh” about the fourth. You only need to use half of a color block (for each candle) to get a nice, rich color.

The process was an easy way for us to gain some candle making skills that we can now use to create more candles.

The kit may seem pricey, but when you consider the fact that you not only make four gift quality candles in tins, but you also have equipment to use again (pouring pot, thermometer), as well as leftover supplies (enough wick pieces and wax to make at least 3 small votive candles), I think it is well worth the price.

If you were to purchase the equipment and packs of all the materials, you would probably spend at least that much, plus you’d have to research the process. This kit walks you through the steps, so you know what to do.

I only have two issues: First, the directions leave room for error as they tell you to use a block of color. (Each color comes in a block with an indentation in the middle. We wondered if they meant to use the whole block, or break each block into two pieces and use one of those blocks.

We did the latter and chose to make two of our candles the same color.) Second, we are so bummed this company does not sell their fragrances separately. We loved the Coconut Lime, and Clean Cotton scents, and wanted to purchase more. I know there are lots of fragrances out there, but it is always a gamble on whether you are going to like the scents.

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