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Power Press Push Up Training System

Power Press Push Up Training System
Power Press Push Up Training System

Power Press Push Up Board – Home Workout Equipment, Push Up Bar with 30+ Color Coded Combo Positions for Exercise – Portable Gym Accessories for Men and Women, Strength Training Equipment, Original

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Power Press Push Up Training System is very nice product. I was shopping for a push up bar (to protect my wrists when doing press-ups) when I came across this thing and I was sceptical first, as it looks very much like the type of junk they sell on tv shopping channels, and £60 sounded like a lot for a plastic board. But after watching a few Youtube reviews, I took the plunge.

The reviews are all true. This thing is amazing. I’ve been going to the gym for 3 years now, working out at least 3 times a week, and this thing delivered quicker results in a few weeks than all the fancy equipment at the gym. There is just something about having to push your own body weight against gravity that is somehow more natural than even free weights. I will definitely keep using this when the gym reopens after the lockdown.

Yes, it is plastic, but some kind of a heavy duty special plastic, super hard and strong. Indeed, the first thing you’ll notice how heavy the package is, when it arrives. It is a big thing, but it needs to be, to be able to hold your weight and to do wide-enough push-ups, e.g. for the back. There are cheaper knockoffs out there, but looking at them after having used this one, they look ridiculously small. This one is just the right size, and it allows for a wide range of exercises.

I’ve been following the Power Press Youtube exercises, still at the introductory level, but after having used it 13 times, I can already see the difference (especially the shoulders, which I just couldn’t improve at the gym), and I console myself that it only cost me £4.61 per workout so far, pretty much what a gym session would have cost.

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  • Original U.S. Patent & Trademark
  • Maximize Your Routine
  • Effective Color-Coded Board System
  • Safe & Easy To Use