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Power Air Fryer Oven

Power Air Fryer Oven
Power Air Fryer Oven

Power Air Fryer XL 3.4 QT Deluxe Red Air Fryer

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Power Air Fryer Oven item works well overall and I have had zero serious issues with it. It seems well built and I think that most of the reviewers that mention the basket attachment point melting on their first use screwed up and didn’t put the basket latching mechanism together correctly before running the machine that way. That is technically a product design flaw that requires a modicum of caution for inexperienced users. If the basket is sitting loose in the tray, it’s not in there correctly and you will screw your machine up. I have used mine at the highest temp setting for quite some time (I tend to run it hot because I like my food extra done). My basket attachment point has not had a single issue thus far and I expect it to hold up nicely as time wears on. I know a little bit about plastics as a 3d Printing enthusiast and this stuff seems built to hold up well enough to me UNLESS you screw up putting the basket in the tray.

In use, the machine works really well overall. It fries things with very little oil needed, but if you want the same texture as actual deep-fried foods, you sometimes have to add a little extra oil if something has to cook for a while. PREHEATING IS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY unless you like very badly fried food. Some foods don’t react like you think they would to the massive amount of air circulation and you get kind of staleness or dryness. Others like the Broccoli and Cheese Veggie Tots were amazing right out of the gate when properly cooked (Best I have ever made). Bacon in this thing is just incredible and so easy to make. It shrinks up like mad, but it’s all perfectly cooked with very little effort. Going to try my hand at Country Ham this weekend. Spam needs a low cook temp (320 or lower) to not flood your house with smoke (the fat in Spam has a low smoke point). This thing is amazing at continuing the cooking process for lightly fried potato chips and tortilla chips. No need to pay more for expensove dark russet potato chips from a major brand. This cooker makes the cheap chips sing.

Cleans easy. The Software Design is not the best and requires a tad more button pressing than it should to use, but it’s a minor complaint. You can’t press the buttons rapidly as they won’t take input very quickly. I wish the temp could go about 50 degrees higher overall, but it works pretty well regardless and it’s far less messy than an actual grease deep fryer and uses less oil.

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  • Rapid Air Technology enables
  • Super easy to use kitchen appliance
  • Quart Easy Load Basket with Non-Stick Coating
  • 1500 Watts of Turbo-Cyclonic Power
  • Help to save a lot of time and efforts
  • The Air Fryer XL Deluxe includes a Baking insert
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