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Portable Toilet For Camping

Portable Toilet For Camping
Portable Toilet For Camping

Bumper Dumper The Original Hitch Mountable Portable Toilet (Made In USA)

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We love Portable Toilet For Camping! It arrived just in time for our camping trip. We did have to order an adapter to lift it up a bit (our car is on the short side), but even squatting a bit to sit was ok. It would be great if an adapter were offered with this to lift it up or extend it out from under a bumper that may be set back further. We will use this for many years to come, and are glad for something more toilet-like for the little ones.

Update: we’ve now been using this for 2 years. We bought a shower tent and cut the bottom out. Dig a hole, pull the bumper dumper over the top, put the shower tent on for privacy, and camp for days. Just make sure to keep a cup or shovel nearby to sprinkle dirt after each use. My kids have lovingly deemed it “la poopoo.” I don’t know how we ever camped without it.

Promised Review By H. Clark
  • Easy to use, set up and store
  • Proper waste disposal system
  • Can be mounted on 2X2 hitch or 5 gallon bucket
  • Sturdy enough to hold up to 500lbs of weight
  • Frame is coated to protect rusting