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Portable Electric Scarf Warming

$124.99 $169.95
Portable Electric Scarf Warming
Portable Electric Scarf Warming
$124.99 $169.95

G2T Moai N1 Plus Portable 2 in 1 Electric Scarf Warming and Cooling Air Conditioner Body Temperature Adjusting Gadget (Power Bank Not Included)

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This wonderful Portable Electric Scarf Warming device worked better than I expected. Within 30 seconds of putting it on I feel significantly colder. It’s worth every penny. I’m always hot and have to work in a hot office where I get migraines from the heat. It’s a life saver!!! I can walk around the house with it and leave the thermostat warmer than I normally would to save energy. I can see a future where everyone has these kinds of devices and personalizes their temperature rather than spending enormous amounts of energy cooling large rooms. This product could be improved a lot if they put a third cooling plate on the back. Pay attention to what size device you need. My neck is on the small side and the larger one wasn’t quite as snug a fit as I would have liked, so I’m replacing it with the smaller version.

Promised Review By Matthew
  • Cooling & Heating 2 in 1
  • Ergonomic designed of adjustable neck size
  • Certifications with RoHS