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Portable AM FM Radio

Portable AM FM Radio
Portable AM FM Radio

Retekess V115 Portable AM FM Radio with Shortwave Radio MP3 Player Digital Record Support Micro SD TF Card Sleep Timer and Rechargeable Battery(Black)

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Concerning the engineers who designed this Portable AM FM Radio–especially the the user interface–I have to think they were dead drunk when they designed the user interface. Either that or they had been abused as children and decided to use this radio to torture those who buy it and thus get even with humanity.

I opened the packaging, removed the radio, and charged the battery. After that I fully expected it to work like all the previous radios I have owned, simply dial in a station and have it play, but NO! The system for locating a station and then connecting that station to one of the numerical push buttons is bizarre. I finally figured it out, no thanks to the manual; intuitive this radio is not. If you think you are a radio-savvy hotshot, this radio will give you a dose of humility.

See those buttons 1-9 +0 on the front of the radio? You need to use those to enter the frequency of the AM or FM station you want to listen to. Really. The manual doses out information like the instructions given with a scavenger hunt. That is, not enough information for you to know what to do, just minimally helpful general hints. It’s like the instruction manual is deliberately holding back information, trying to jerk you around.

I finally mostly figured it out. Here are the instructions I wrote out on the back of the instruction booklet for myself:

1. Enter frequency of station using buttons on the front of the radio (as described above)

2. When a favorite station is tuned, push #5 (also labeled underneath as “memo”) using a long press (not a short jab)

3. As the “CH” flashes in the display, push the desired number (1-0 ) to assign the station you chose with the number 1-0 on the face of the radio.

4. Then you need to lock into memory the station frequency with the button number you chose with a short duration push of the >II button.

5. Repeat the steps above to set the rest of the stations you want to correlate with a numerical button 1-0.

6. You can change listening to radio stations up or down the dial sequentially by pushing the I<< or >>I buttons.

7. You can also change radio stations up or down the dial by pushing the button 1-0 that you set as I described above, the buttons associated with specific stations. But–and don’t ask me why–it takes a full six seconds after you press the number of the station you want to listen to for it to change. You’re gonna grow old waiting between stations. Pretty aggravating.

But dang, I just can’t stay mad at this little bas–rd. It’s nice and small, compact, and it looks/feels well made, with nice haptics feedback. And this isn’t just any ol’ common small radio. It is also a digital recorder! Slip a micro card into its slot and it will record for hours! This is a big deal. It will record off the radio, or from your spoken words, or from an outside source, a source with a 1/8″ plug or a micro USB plug. How cool is that. And during playback you can fast forward–fast back and pause. But good luck trying to get a good grasp on the various aspects of the recording function, same as with the radio.

Another thing I like about this radio is the sound. It is very, very good for such a small radio. High volume potential and quite balanced and clear; an over-achieving amplifier and speaker.

In summary, once I got a grasp on how it operates, I liked it. For its price, it is quite unique. But the user interface no doubt was designed by an alien from another planet. Be resigned to figuring out how it works.

Promised Review By Chuck
  • FM: 87-108MHz Portable shortwave radio
  • Memory: Support Micro SD/TF card, Max 32GB
  • Audio format: MP3, WMA
  • Charging: DC 5V, Micro USB interface
  • Multilingual manual
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