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Pool Solar Heaters

$233.87 $299.99
Pool Solar Heaters
Pool Solar Heaters
$233.87 $299.99

SmartPool S240U Pool Solar Heaters

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When I got Pool Solar Heaters it was all rolled up so I had to let it lay on the ground for a few days for the sun to soften it enough to be more pliable. I also had to buy hardware to support it so I purchased some PVC piping which does an adequate job of supporting it. It took a few weeks to get done due to my schedule and the weather, and at first thought this wasn’t a good way to up the temperature of the pool. But once I got it installed it started to do the job. There was one leak in the panel, a small one at that, which I plan to repair with an adhesive to block the tiny hole. But surprisingly I did not experience any other leaks once all the fittings were secure and in place. You definitely want to use plumber’s tape as I have learned with operating a pool over the years!

The installation was challenging, and now that it is set up the panel sags in a few spots (likely due to expansion now that it’s all unfurled) but this will be corrected when I construct a better frame for next year.

I had to add a bypass for the water flow into the pool, especially for cleaning purposes. This is because the water does become restricted in the main tubes at the side to force it to channel the water through the tubes where the sun heats it up. I installed a bypass with a valve so I could control when I wanted most of the water to go through as is to provide the cleaning power in the pool and when I wanted it to go through the solar panels. The bypass added some weight to one side of the panels so I added a pole to provide additional support.

Overall this is a good product but do expect some work getting it set up (and that you need to provide your own frame to support it with). Now that the hot and humid weather finally arrived, we are seeing the benefits of this product. Just remember it will take several days to raise the temperature of the pool by as much as 5 to 10 degrees. Also keep in mind you’ll have to be on top of cleaning the pool as the increased temperature can lead to an accelerated algae growth in the pool if not taken care of properly.

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