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PonyCycle Official Classic U Series Ride on Horse Toy Plush Walking Animal Pink Unicorn Small Size for Age 3-5 U302

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My girls 7 and 2 love this PonyCycle. They ride it all over the house. They play tea time together with it. It’s very sturdy and well made but expensive, for a toy

Riding can increase the body flexibility. Correct riding posture (back straight) can change the habit of hunching and create a better temperament.

PonyCycle is replacement for real horse. It fully simulates the action of riding a real horse, giving the same experience and exercise as riding a real horse.

Easy to steer left and right with the handlebars. Sit on saddle, step pedals down with feet. Saddle rises and falls to support upper body, pony will walk forward.This saddle design makes kids more comfortable and relaxed to ride, exercises the muscles of whole body.

Size and weight of the pony are designed based on the average height and weight of kids aged 3-5 and 4-9. Suitable for most kids to ride.

Promised Review By karen concepcion
  • Pony wheels are smooth to ride on the floor
  • Great fun in riding, also exercise
  • No longer addicted to electronics
  • Interactive toy
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