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Plug In With Night Light

Plug In With Night Light
Plug In With Night Light

Enbrighten Color-Changing LED Lamp, Modern Night Light, Dimmable White & Vibrant RGB, Touch Sensor On/Off, Compact, Ideal for Bedside, Office, Dorm, Kid's Room, Gray, 48080

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Plug In With Night Light is very nice product. I bought this on a whim, because it looked cool, and I picked it up for about $12 on sale. It was worth it. I use it mainly as mood lighting, with the option that smoothly transitions through several colors. However, it does have a steady-white-light option for those that want a night light. There are three levels of steady white light that one can select: 250 lumens, 125 lumens, or 3 lumens.

The last would be like a traditional night-light. This is a direct current lamp. It comes with a power cord that plugs into a standard USB port (USB-A – the most common USB connection). This will work if you plug into: (1) your computer USB port, (2) Cell phone charging station, (3) portable battery pack, (4) extension cord or wall outlet with USB connectors. It operates on 5 Volts DC at 0.8 Amps. I translated that into AC wattage (assuming an efficiency factor), and if you use this at the highest setting (white light, 250 lumens) it is pulling less than 5 watts. It’s almost free to run all day long.

An interesting thought about operating this on a portable battery pack (like the kind you can use with a laptop or phone) – this would be awesome in the case of a power-outage. A decent power pack could run this for days. I also considered taking it on easy (drive-in) camping trips.

The same concept – the battery in my Sony bluetooth speaker could power this little lamp for an entire weekend – easily. It wouldn’t put out a ton of light (only 230 lumens), but that is more than enough when you need to find a can opener in the middle of a pitch black night on a table. All-in-all, a great little novelty, with some actual practical applications. I recommend it.

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