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Plantar Fasciitis Massage Tools

Plantar Fasciitis Massage Tools
Plantar Fasciitis Massage Tools

Cholas Massage Gun, Muscle Therapy Gun for Athletes, Deep Tissue Percussion Body Muscle Massager with 30 Adjustable Speeds, 10 Types of Massage Heads, Handheld Massager for Neck Back Pain Relief

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When I first discovered these Plantar Fasciitis Massage Tools.

I was not sure what to expect, but having to roll my legs at night was becoming mundane, so I figured it was worth a try. Let’s take a look.


This gun is heavy, but well-balanced. I have another muscle gun, and it is not quite as balanced or intense as this one. It is like a hammer drill in makeup, if that helps any. The on/off switch is on the bottom of the handle. Once on, you put the appropriate attachment head in the socket, press firmly, and then press the button on the back to the speed you want.


This takes about four or five hours to get a total battery charge when it is run out. They don’t recommend running it to zero (red band), but sometimes it is hard to predict. The battery amount is showing on the back in LED when you use it, so you have an idea.


This gun is unlike my other in that every 15 minutes it will shut off if you are using it that long. We counteract that by turning it off as I change position to try to target another area.


This has a lot more power to it than the other gun I have. It really does give some impact to the muscles and works very well. You have to start at the lowest and work up. It can be too much otherwise.


The idea of this is that you stay away from bones. This is for SOFT TISSUE, not bones. It will hurt or feel awful if you hit bones, especially at higher settings.


This will get warm, but most of the warmth is at the area where the head presses in the gun.


The instructions that come with this are adequate and will get you started, I do recommend that you find videos on how to use this, however, as tips and tricks in using this will be helpful.


I don’t get as much time out of this as my other muscle gun, but I do get about 5 days on the third setting out of this before it has to be recharged.


The case that this comes in is great. Everything fits in its place. The cord has a place. The instructions have a place for a pocket at the top. The case itself is a hard case with a zipper. Also, there is another case inside which keeps all the tips in it, so they are not banging around the case.


This is noisy, but not as bad as some seem to be. I usually listen to TV at 20 volume in one particular room and when using this, I have to go as high as 34 while using then back down again to 20. Closed captioning helps too. LOL


For a well-balanced muscle gun which is easy to use, but has an intense pulsating action, this gun is worth the purchase so far. The case is wonderful and well-thought-out, and its effectiveness is the best yet for the issues I have had to deal with.


FIVE STARS. This is on the loud side, but it is worth it. I am very happy with the results so far. I will continue to use it and update if I have anything else to report. So far, I have recommended this to several people already.

Promised Review By Colorgirl

The Cholas Massage Gun is a portable and powerful massage device that uses rapid percussion to help alleviate muscle soreness and improve mobility. It is a popular choice among athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and individuals who experience muscle tension and stiffness on a regular basis. One of the key features of the Cholas Massage Gun is its adjustable intensity levels. The device has five different speed settings, ranging from low to high, so you can customize your massage experience according to your needs and preferences. The high-intensity setting is particularly useful for breaking up knots and releasing deep-seated muscle tension, while the lower settings are more suitable for a gentler massage.

In addition to its adjustable intensity levels, the Cholas Massage Gun is also equipped with six different massage heads that can be easily swapped out to target specific muscle groups. The flat head is ideal for large muscle groups, such as the back and thighs, while the round head is better suited for smaller muscles, such as the calves and forearms. The fork-shaped head is perfect for targeting trigger points, and the ball-shaped head is great for massaging the neck and shoulders.

One of the main benefits of using the Cholas Massage Gun is its ability to promote blood flow and circulation in the body. By massaging your muscles, the device helps to improve the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the cells, which can help to reduce inflammation and swelling. It can also help to flush out lactic acid, which can build up in the muscles after exercise and cause stiffness and soreness. Another advantage of the Cholas Massage Gun is its portability. The device is lightweight and compact, making it easy to take with you wherever you go. Whether you’re traveling for work or hitting the gym, you can enjoy a massage anytime, anywhere.

Overall, the Plantar Fasciitis Massage Tools is a versatile and effective tool that can help to improve muscle function and reduce muscle soreness. Whether you’re an athlete looking to enhance your performance or simply looking to relax and unwind after a long day, the Cholas Massage Gun is an excellent choice.

  • Technology-enabled Touch Screen
  • Powerful massage gun for athletes
  • 6 featuring variable speeds
  • Rechargeable built-in lithium battery
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