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Pivot Power Original Plugs

Pivot Power Original Plugs
Pivot Power Original Plugs

Quirky PPVPP-PK01 Pivot Power - Pink

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Pivot Power Original Plugs is an amazing Product. Shopping on Amazon takes imagination and patience these days. as you see a cool item online, really want it. There is probably more to look and more to find and so with that being said. I was amazed and I mean amazed when I received my pivoting power strip. Had seen power charging stations all over Amazon and although really practical to my lifestyle of lots of stuff to recharge all of the time. Low and behold I find this power strip and not only is it great for what I want, it is well built. Colorful to say the least and the large plug holes makes it easy to use. This power strip can be moved bent, turned, to various shapes and works very well for me. I have all the plugs set up with various USB cords matched to various 100v plugs.

Promised Review By Bob E. May
  • Adapters of all shapes and sizes
  • Six pivoting outlets accommodate plugs
  • 4-foot extension cord
  • 45-degree plug to put power