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Pindaloo Skill Toy

Pindaloo Skill Toy
Pindaloo Skill Toy

pindaloo Skill Toy + 2 Upgraded Balls. The Latest Craze to Hit The U.S.A. for Kids, Teens and Adults. Lots of Fun, Develops Motor Skills. for Indoor and Outdoor Play

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I gifted this Pindaloo Skill Toy to my 11-year-old son.

He absolutely loved it and spent hours playing with it on the first day. This is definitely an outdoor toy for us.

The ball is hard and I didn’t want him doing it in the house. We did have an issue that first day. I got him the clear one, and the top edge broke while he was trying to catch a ball.

BUT this was a Sunday morning and a holiday, and I e-mailed the company about it. I had a response within just a few hours and a replacement was sent out for him right away.

We chose a blue one the second time and we have had no issues with it, so I think maybe the colored ones are more durable.

I could not be happier with the product or the customer service and I will purchase these again for other kids and for when he has to give gifts and such at birthday parties because it is such a fantastic toy and so fun! Definitely a 5 star experience.

Promised Review By Christina
  • Indoor and Outdoor Play
  • Playing activates both sides of the brain
  • Pindaloo can improve kids
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