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Phone Ring Stand

Phone Ring Stand
Phone Ring Stand

Smatixx Cell Phone Ring Holder & Grip with Luxury Oktant Crystal Universal Kickstand Compatible with All Major Smartphones | Charlotte (Rose Gold - Light Rose)

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First I would have taken a pic of Phone Ring Stand but I have it on my phone lol. I’ve tried other grips but this one hands down the best. The fact that it’s reusable is amazing. Yes I have tried it and it works! It’s a sturdy, strong grip to the case. Now of course you want to check the crystals. They look so sparkly and seem to have a good setting. I also like that there is only 5 crystals. It definitely steers away from looking trashy with just too much going on. Makes me feel great since this item is priced in my budget. I actually have seen much more expensive items look horrible next to this pretty thing. Treat yourself to this one like I did. I’m actually looking toward another one, but a different color for sure.

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  • Luxury & High-Class Smartphone Ring Stand
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