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Philips Norelco OneBlade Replacement Blades

$11.95 $14.99
Philips Norelco OneBlade Replacement Blades
Philips Norelco OneBlade Replacement Blades
$11.95 $14.99

Philips Norelco OneBlade Replacement Blades, 1 count, QP210/80

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Philips Norelco OneBlade Replacement Blades great for shaving, definitely less irritating than other types I’ve used. I trim my beard down to 6mm roughly every 4-5 days and clean up my neckline pretty much every day and my neck used to break out a lot from it.

Now with a fresh one of these there’s really no irritation however these blades don’t last long. I mean, there’s a point at which they’ll still shave & it won’t feel much different but it will irritate your skin. I thought I could stretch one more shave a couple days ago without putting in a fresh one & now I’m breaking out along my neckline & where I touched up my mustache.

I haven’t paid close enough attention to just how long specifically they last me but it’s not as long as I’d like given the cheapest way to get them is this 3-pack at ~$12ea. It’s decent at edging, but not great. It seems the flat surface does cutting but also the tines that stick straight out guide hairs in to be cut along the edge, like a barber’s hair trimmers work. So for me it’s especially difficult to edge up those few straw mustache hairs around the edges of your mouth or too high above the mustache without accidentally pushing too far down & cutting too much. The less precise edging of the neckline is no problem however.

I also shave my head. This razor is actually really effective for that with 2 caveats: First, you’ll wear out that blade super duper quick; two full head shaves (I’m balding, very thin hair on top of head) & then I wouldn’t chance it on my face again or I’m sure I’d break out.

Second, it takes a little longer than the other style razor I’ve been using (Phillips Bodygroom, which basically all use the same trimmer head). My Bodygroom causes much more irritation but generally cuts through thicker hair on my head better. With that said, I’ve been having unacceptable levels of irritation with mine even after buying a new trimmer head so I’ve had to only use it for part of my head shaving which forces me to finish with the OneBlade so I’m burning through these $12 blades too quickly. For me, I’m not sure it’s worth it and I think rather than dropping more money on another thing to replace the Bodygroom I think I’m finally going to just invest in straight razor shaving and use this OneBlade because it’s great at minimizing irritation until I get competent at the straight razor. Then I’ll just keep the OneBlade for my weekly beard trim & I think it will be perfect.

I’m tired of wanting a fresh clean shaven face & ending up with clean shaven acne from irritating razors and this OneBlade would be a really excellent solution if only the replacement blades were cheaper. I can’t say precisely but as I think about it I’m probably using one of these 3-packs a month.

Promised Review By Thomas A Sorensen
  • Glide coating smoothly glides along your skin
  • Rounded polymer tips guide the hairs to be instantly cut
  • Effectively and Comfortably Trim
  • Just rinse it under the tap
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