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Pet Honesty Probiotics For Dogs

Pet Honesty Probiotics For Dogs
Pet Honesty Probiotics For Dogs

PetHonesty Probiotics for Dogs, 90 All-Natural Advanced Dog Probiotics Chews with Prebiotics & Pumpkin, Relieves Dog Diarrhea and Constipation, Improves Digestion, Allergy, Immunity & Health

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Pet Honesty Probiotics For Dogs is very nice products. I have a 14 year old Pug, Casey, whom I adopted from Kansas City Pug Rescue 13 years ago. Casey was born with many health issues including being the smallest ‘runt’ in her litter, plus, Casey was unable to walk due to knee/hip problems. Pug Rescue worked with a team of great orthopedic surgeons, and after three operations, she began to walk.

I adopted Casey at the end of her first year, and at the time of her adoption she had one remaining surgery. Over the next six months, Casey learned how to walk and play (she even learned how to potty correctly, outdoors). As you might imagine, the time I spent with Casey developed into the deepest ‘heart bound’ possible.

Along with the above mentioned health issues, Casey also has terrible digestion issues. Because we are so close, Casey was able to indicate to me specific foods that her digestive system could not tolerate. If I tried serving her any food with preservatives or grains, she was quick to smell her food, step back, and turn her head in such a way that I knew the food upset her system (when she eats any ‘processed’ food or foods containing grains, she would typically throw up).

Casey also has siezures apporximately every six months. I can tell when she is worried about having a siezure as she will stop eating, and at night she will sleep pulled very close to my arms. (When Casey has a siezure, she knows that I am there to hold her, and help control her body and calm her, until the siezure stops and she is calm). I am blessed to be her companion during her journey here on earth!

I feed Casey all natural food; this is the ONLY food that does not upset her digestive system, and it also helps keep the siezures at a minimum. I also provide healthy treats and filtered water (yes, the water our dogs digest can negatively impact their health). Some people might think caring for her is too much work, for me, it is just part of loving and caring for another companion.

About six months ago Casey’s digestive problems seemed to increase. She was having days where she just was not comfortable eating any food. I talked with my Vet and she suggested I try a Pro-biotic in her diet.

I tried several brands, and loved the PetHonesty Brand Probiotic. Casey has no problem eating the treats, and now her appetite is better. I must add that between her healhier diet of non-processed, grain-free foods, plus the PetHonesty Probiotics, Casey’s siezures have lessened, not as strong, and the time between siezures is longer!

I am blessed to have Casey in my life. During the past ten years I have suffered several health issues, combined with the loss of several close friends, my Mother, then my Father, during every difficult period, Casey has always been my close companion. The love she gives, especially when my human friends fail to provide compassion/comfort, can not be understated.

Promised Review By Bob & Rob, KCMO
  • More Probiotics Per Serving
  • Premium Natural Ingredients
  • Made In The U.S.A
  • Supports Healthy Digestion
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