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Personal Waterproof Fitness Watch

$179 - $2201
Personal Waterproof Fitness Watch
Personal Waterproof Fitness Watch
$179 - $2201

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Personal Waterproof Fitness Watch Fantastic Products , Everyone wants a fit,healthy and balanced life. People spend a lot of money for this but there is a simple, small, and cheap solution that makes the dream of your balanced and organized life come true that’s our Polar Ignite advanced water proof fitness watch.

Parts & Design

It includes polar precision heart rate, Integrated GPS and sleep plus tracking. It is Light weight and sleek design. It’s your personal device and will be with you 24/7. You can adjust it according to your wrist – size because it is compatible and has 20mm watch straps. It has colorful touch screen which makes it worth – seeing. One button interface makes Polar Ignite easily and conveniently useable.  


It guides you in making your daily routine balanced. It pushes your limits the right way by becoming your workout partner. It guides you making your right workout plan for the day by keeping an eye on you recovery and readiness. It offers you ready made on demand workouts according to you daily routine.

Tracking heart rate:   

It track your heart rate find and how many calories you burned and see a summary of your workout afterwards.

Digital working:

It helps you taking your speed distance and route while you’re running, cycling and other outdoor workouts. It makes you free from your mobile that’s difficult to handle at time. It has smart features like ability to receive texts, phone calls, or email.

Sleep plus Tracking:

 It’s your new generation workout partner which is with you at night as well. It keeps an eye on your recovery at night because exercise can leave you fatigued & worn-down.It shows how well you recover from stress and training at night and helps you make optimal choices at the day. With the help of polar sleep plus stages analysis you get a good night’s rest which helps you getting the valued insight. It is super light and you can easily wear it at night without any complaint.   

Serene Breathing:

It Helps You Make yourself more relaxed, easy and calm down your mind with new serene breathing exercise.

Polar Flow:

Polar flow and web services makes it a digital piece which keeps all the records of your activities workout , sleep and keeps you aware of your progress. Polar ignite is your new-generation HR partner which takes care of your daily routine , your health, your sleep, your heart rate.Easy and fast incoming , out coming makes you a digital and organized person.

  • Light weight and sleek design.
  • Keep a record of your workout.
  • Track your speed,distanceand route.
  • Balanced Your Daily Routine.
  • Track Your Hearth Rate.
  • Sleep Plus tracking analysis.
  • Uses Like Smart Phone .
  • Compatable to your size.

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