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Perpetual Motion Toys

Perpetual Motion Toys
Perpetual Motion Toys

Perpetual Marble Machine, Perpetual Motion Machine - William Le Kinetic Art, Perpetual Motion Simulator

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Perpetual Motion Toys is very nice product. I bought mine from William on Etsy, but he switched his platform to Amazon so i’m coming here to review it. This thing is so cool! I’m a sucker for mechanical physics and science demos, and the good ones aren’t cheap.

After seeing this on social media, I bought a cheap one which turned out to be a poor quality knock-off. Then, I found this real original one and it works just as advertised.

Unfortunately, perpetual motion is not real, although your friends that see this will be pranked because the construction is so seamless. Again, love it, used it for hours and very happy with buying the real deal.

Promised Review by Maggie
  • – Runtime: 5-6 hours (continuous – when the Battery is fully charged).
  • – Made of Premium Exotic called Paurosa, very dense and heavy, with world-class woodcraft and finish.
  • – Quiet, relaxing, very relaxing just by looking at the rolling ball
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