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Passive Aggressive Notes

Passive Aggressive Notes
Passive Aggressive Notes

Knock Knock Passive Aggressive Nifty Note Pad

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I work with Children a lot, and let me tell you, Passive Aggressive Notes has really brightened my day. I had a little girl who was supposed to give a talk in front of her class, and she is 10 years old. She got nervous and began to lose confidence, and then began stumbling and to cover it up, she began to use humor. She did really well for a 10 year old, and it wasn’t terrible, but she looked so dejected when she sat down. I wrote her one of these sticky highlighting the positive attributes she had displayed, and it cheered her up. Very good for a laugh, and her mother enjoyed reading it as well!

Promised Review By Allie MillerTop Contributor: Calligraphy
  • Instantly, Effortlessly Witty
  • A Note for Virtually Any Occasion
  • Bring humor, creativity, and smarts to everyday life
  • Good Communication between Roommates and Frenemies
  • Make communication sweet and sour with Knock Knock passive-aggressive nifty notes
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