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Paint Trays For Kids

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Paint Trays For Kids
Paint Trays For Kids
$8.99 $11.99

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I love this Paint Trays For Kids, because ive tried other pallet systems for my miniature painting, such as glassware, glass panes/tiles, wetpallets and the like.

But theres something so so much more univerally useful about this simple classic design.

And altho yes glass or tile pallets will in theory be easier to clean. this is so cheap and disposable that if you ever DID have a paint stain that you couldnt remove that really was causing issues you have 11 other pallets ready to go.

I use them in cycles where i will grab one and use it for a project, and when im done I will grab another one and keep going.

Once I have 3 or four dirty ones I take them all out to wash at once to keep it easy and simple. This makes things fast and easy for me in my setup.

Promised Review By Nichols
  • Adults to painting
  • The mix-packing can meet you wide uses and low cost.
  • You and your kids can painting or playing.
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