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Pac Man Mini Arcade Costco

Pac Man Mini Arcade Costco
Pac Man Mini Arcade Costco

Basic Fun Men's Pac-Man Retro Arcade Game

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Pac Man Mini Arcade Costco is a great toy. That’s exactly what it is…a toy. It is even more specifically a nostalgic homage to 1981. I picked it up on sale for $10. Totally worth it!!! For the people giving it terrible reviews, you’re correct—there are immensely better versions of Pac-Man on your phone, tablet, online, and on gaming systems, but this is not the point. Whoever designed this game had the 1981 Cole co/Midway table-top mini arcade game in mind. This is apparent because the “chase” mode is the same as the “eat & run” game on the vintage Cole co version from ‘81. It seems to be made to be jerky and electronic. I’m a 45-year-old guy, and I was so happy to find this game, as it reminds me of the games I played as a child. It’s super fun and super simple. If you can deal with the charm of a vintage-style game, you’ll love it. If you want something replicating the original arcade game…download it for free on your phone.

Promised Review by Danielle Nanni’s husband
  • Play the game that everybody loves
  • Comes with vintage graphic, sound and the gameplay
  • Enhanced screen resolution for clear view
  • Controls to manage sound
  • Tough joysticks for great and durable experience
  • Pocket size therefore easy to carry
  • 2 AA batteries included in the pack
  • dimensions are 4″W x 5.75″H x 2″D
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