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Outdoor TV Cover

$24.97 $26.97
Outdoor TV Cover
Outdoor TV Cover
$24.97 $26.97

Outdoor TV Cover 40" - 42" - NOW WITH BOTTOM COVER, Quality Weatherproof and Dust-proof Material with FREE Microfiber Cloth. Protect Your TV Now!

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While the Outdoor TV Cover looks well made (heavy duty canvas, weighs almost as much as the TV) the size is way off. I have a Samsung 43″ TV. I ordered the 40″ to 42″ cover because many reviewers mentioned that these covers are over-sized. Well, yes, over-sized a bit too much.

It looks like I threw a black tarp over the TV (see the pics). The cover is well made but the sizes are off. The sizing chart posted for the “convenience” of the shopper is confusing. I haven’t decided if I’ll return this cover for an exchange or reimbursement, or just use it the way it is. If your looking for a nice fit and an aesthetic look, choosing the correct size is important.

I returned the cover for a refund and ordered CoverMates – Outdoor TV Half Cover – Fits 36″ to 41″ Flat TVs – 2 Year Warranty- Black. I learned something important about ordering these covers, you can’t buy according to the size of the screen of your TV. You have to take into account the size of the frame of the TV.

Because the TV is a 43″ screen doesn’t mean that’s the size of cover to buy. My outdoor TV is a 43″ Samsung, which is why I purchased the first cover 40″ to 42″ (selected a smaller size because of the reviews that stated oversize) and was much too big. Then I purchased this half cover that fits 36″ to 41″ Flat TVs which is a much smaller size than the one recommended. Well, it fit like a glove on my 43″ TV. Why? because the frame around the TV is less than one inch wide! So, although the TV measures 43″ diagonally, it is only 31″ wide! My bedroom TV is a Philips 42″ TV, but the frame is 3″ wide and that makes the length of TV 41″ which means that this same cover that fits my 43″ Samsung TV would definitely not fit my 42″ Philips TV.

See the pictures. So, how do you select a proper size? Take into account the width of the frame. If the frame around the TV is small, order a smaller size, if the frame is big (like my 42″ Philips) then order the size accordingly. Keep in mind the depth of the frame.

If the the TV is not thin, you should include a little “wiggle room” for a nice fit. Last, but not least, the half cover is not as sturdy as the full cover (although still nice), probably to make it easy to put on and take off. I was able to install and remove the cover in a flash. A much better solution for me as my TV is under the patio roof anyway.

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