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Outdoor Projector With Screen

Outdoor Projector With Screen
Outdoor Projector With Screen

TMY WiFi Projector with 120″ Screen, [200 ANSI - Over 8000 Lux Brightness], 1080P Full HD Enhanced Projector, Portable Projector Compatible with TV Stick HDMI USB for Home Cinema & Outdoor Movies.

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Outdoor Projector With Screen is very nice product. I don’t think you can beat the value for your money with this projector’s brightness, contrast and WiFi feature. The others online at this price don’t appear to claim as much contrast or brightness. I just wanted something for casual outdoor movie nights with friends and this surpassed my expectations for how affordable it is.

We’ve used it on the provided screen (photo) as well as just propping it up to project onto the sloped ceiling in the upstairs bedroom (photo) to watch movies from the bed. Any blank white wall or ceiling is great. It focuses up to 120″ screen size but looks even better if you keep it a little closer/smaller. I have a big chalk wall in my house that I do chalk murals on and I’ll use this to project art from my computer onto the wall and then trace it with chalk.

With the WiFi feature we’re able to mirror or cast stuff from our iPhone’s or laptops like we can with our TV and Apple TV for showing videos, photos, watching YouTube videos, etc which is fun when friends want to share photos they’ve taken. I watched a bunch of movie trailers from my phone through the projector and it felt like seeing previews before a movie in the theater. I’ve missed that since Covid closed the theaters. =P You can’t wirelessly stream Netflix, Prime or services like that to the projector but you can easily watch those using the HDMI cable that comes in the box to hook up to a laptop.

I hook it up to my nice speakers for good stereo sound but you can just plug in a portable speaker too if you don’t need it really loud. The built in speaker would be fine for kids to watch something but for adults watching a movie I would suggest plugging into a nicer speaker(s).

Promised Review by Drew C.
  • Larger Projector, Higher Performance
  • Larger Screen, Better Viewing Experience
  • Easier WiFi Connection, More Stable Signal Transmission