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Outdoor Dog Shower

Outdoor Dog Shower
Outdoor Dog Shower

Wondurdog Quality Outdoor Dog Wash Garden Hose Nozzle w/Metal Adapter and Water Pressure Control | Innovative Shower Brush w/Splash Shield | Keep Water Away from Dogs Ears, Eyes and Yourself!

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Outdoor Dog Shower is a good one. I swim in my own pool at least twice a day, year-round (I live in South Florida, so don’t hate me!!).

I wanted a way to wash my hair after swimming without having to take a shower, so after researching the horrendously expensive outdoor shower equipment, I bought this dog shower hose attachment.

It is terrific! I love the rubber “fingers” that massage my scalp, as well as the frugal use of water.

The only downside is that I must use a separate water shut-off valve between the hose and the scrubber for those moments when changing hair products.

The scrubber warns that leaving water pressure on for “an extended period of time” can cause leakage, and indeed that is true.

So rather than using the very convenient shut-off slide that is on the scrubber itself, I instead use the shut-off valve to relieve pressure on the scrubber. Not a big deal, but slightly annoying.

Other than that, though, this is a great solution to my desire for a quick shampoo.

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  • Quality garden hose nozzle attachment
  • A metal adapter that screws onto a regular outdoor garden hose.
  • Makes bathing your dog outside quick
  • Easy and much more convenient.
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