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Outdoor Cat Enclosures For Windows

Outdoor Cat Enclosures For Windows
Outdoor Cat Enclosures For Windows

K&H Pet Products EZ Window Mount Kitty Sill - Single Level to Quad Level

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Outdoor Cat Enclosures For Windows is very nice product. We have 11 rescue kitties that have access to this awesome new double stack window seat!

I had been holding out on buying the ‘kitty cot’, solely because I only have ONE window that doesn’t have a cat tree in front of it, and I didn’t want to spend $40 on a seat that they would fight over.

I saw this by absolute chance when I was pondering over the cheaper sunny seat, considering if I wanted to buy it and see how it worked out, then later upgrade to the kitty cot. When I saw this one described as a ‘double stack’, I knew we had to have it, LOL!

I purchased this blindly, because I was not sure if this would fit the window I have, and, maybe I really am blind, I couldn’t find the ACTUAL required dimensions listed ANYWHERE.

The main reason I am leaving this review is to give those dimensions. You need to have a window that is AT LEAST 24″W x 30″H. My window also has a rather large ‘lip’ that the window lock sits on, and I was unsure the top suction cups would fit, but they do. Perfectly.

I cleaned the window as directed and the moment I pushed the suction cups to the window, they were ‘secure’! The top two suction cups have a cool ‘twist’ design that tightens their seal that took me only a second to figure out.

I feel my kitties are very safe on this window seat. I’ve seen 4 of them on it at once, and I feel that it is going to last us a very long time! Very happy I held out on buying the kitty cot, even though I’m sure it’s just as good as this one, maybe they can make a double stack too! This item is GREAT for multi cat homes that have limited window areas! 🙂

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