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Organic Mushroom Grow Kit

Organic Mushroom Grow Kit
Organic Mushroom Grow Kit

Organic Blue Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit

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Organic Mushroom Grow Kit is very nice product. First a special thank you to the seller, everything arrived quickly and well packaged. I received a perfectly pure bag of straw-based spawn that showed zero signs of contamination and had achieved complete colonization. The mycelium appeared extremely healthy and fresh. Here are a few tips to ensure success:

First if you live in a cold climate (it was -7 degrees F here in New England on the day of delivery) be sure to take the box in right away and give the log (bag of grain/straw spawn) a chance to get used to the ambient temperature of your house.

Follow the directions EXACTLY and refrain from using tap water (which contains chlorine and other chemicals) which inhibit mycelium growth. Instead buy a gallon of distilled water to be used for the container and spray bottle, it makes a difference. Finally if you live in a cold climate then you must pay extra attention to humidity inside the bag. Winter air is extremely dry from home heating systems and could cause further issues. Remedy this with more frequent sprays inside the bag being extremely careful not to get the emerging mushrooms too wet.

I wanted to wait until I saw proper growth before writing a review, and yes this is an excellent product. After a few days of uneasy waiting (and fearing failure) on the fifth day I finally saw what looked like little bits of gravel that turned to fully formed pins by late afternoon. Due to the great health of the mycelium I presume it would be possible to achieve a second and even third flush if the directions are followed correctly.

Promised Review by A. Colombo
  • Grow mushrooms indoors on a coffee table, counter, or desk.: humidity tent included
  • First crop of mushrooms in as little as 7-14 days
  • Quality Gourmet DIY Indoor Mushroom Grow kits