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Olympic Barbell Weight Set

Olympic Barbell Weight Set
Olympic Barbell Weight Set

AXLE Barbell Lightweight, Fully Collapsible Olympic Barbell for Strength Training, Weightlifting and Olympic Lifting, (Loads and 2" Olympic Plates, Strength Bands, Anchors for Core)

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Olympic Barbell Weight Set is very nice product. I received my axle on Friday while I was away and I was only able to open it last night as I got home… this morning at 5:15am I had my first axle workout and I’m still excited!!! It’s an amazing full body workout.

I’m usually not into weights and this 11pounds barbell with wheels is the perfect easy access to it! Very easy to assemble: it took me 3 minutes to put all the pieces together before using it. Crunch offers this workout (I’m obsessed with it) and they have plastic foot pedals…

I’m not used to the fabric ones I got and I’m still not sure if they are better or worst. Getting the plastic ones would have been more convenient, however it will be easier to travel with the fabric ones. On the same traveling note (I like to spend weekends away): I would love to have a carry on bag where I could storage the axle in pieces and carry it with me (I saw it on some videos online and I’ll look more into it). The cardboard package is perfect for shipping and it’s too big and heavy to use it everyday.

I’ll carry my axle on my shoulder for now. If you’re still not familiar with this equipment I’d highly encourage you to look up at videos online and/or to take classes, I’m sure you’ll love it as well!!!

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