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Octopus Hat

Octopus Hat
Octopus Hat

VBIGER Beard Hat Beanie Hat Knit Hat Winter Warm Octopus Hat Windproof Funny for Men & Women

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If you are purchasing Octopus Hat with the thought of aesthetics, this product is fantastic. If you are purchasing for warmth, you’d best couple it with a ski mask and or an insulated cap.

The item is crocheted vice knitted, so it is more like a net than fabric. Still the layered effect of the tentacles will break up the wind a bit and provide decent insulation for your face. I strongly recommend wearing extra layers on your head and ears for actual warmth.

That said, it put a smile on my boys’ faces, and I hope to put smiles on strangers’ when out and about this winter.

Also, one last note for those unfamiliar with crochet; the item WILL stretch out with use over time as is typical of crochet pillows and blankets.

Promised Review By Zeke Tolliver
  • High-quality woolen yarn
  • Warm to wear in Winter
  • Christmas hat, Santa Claus’ cap
  • Handmade and skin-friendly
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