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Nintendo Light Switch Cover

Nintendo Light Switch Cover
Nintendo Light Switch Cover

ProCase Nintendo Switch Lite Flip Cover with 2 Pack Tempered Glass Screen Protectors, Slim Protective Flip Case with Magnetically Detachable Front Cover for Nintendo Switch Lite 2019 -Turquoise

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Nintendo Light Switch Cover is very nice product. I love the feel of this case and the relative slimness of it compared to the grip and drop cases I had for my original Switch. Some people complained about the cutouts in the grip near the micro SD card slot, but I don’t grip my device that low so it was fine. The cover being detachable is a plus, and I didn’t have a problem with the magnet strength.

I was able to replicate the issues others had by flipping it over pretty hard and watching the case fly off, but I can’t see that as a regular use case. While the screen protectors didn’t come with a great installation system, if you’re used to a sticker installation system you’ll be fine. Basically, I set my expectations appropriately for the price. I liked this case except for one thing, which was the clasp and how it would flop open.

Warning the next part could cause damage to the case, I am not responsible for any damage. I didn’t damage my case or cover and it went from a 3 star case to a 5 star case for me but YMMV.

I had the same problem as others where the cover would flap around when it was closed, but it was alleviated by pulling off the cover flap and pressing the plastic clasp hook against a hard surface for about 15 seconds to bend the plastic inward so that it would hook against the case better. You have to be careful to not put enough pressure on the clasp to break it, and to not bend the cover, but enough to bend the plastic and hold it there so it keeps its new form.

I’ve attached a picture to how much I’ve bent the clasp, it really wasn’t that dramatic, maybe a 1mm bend. Now the case does not flop around and requires a good amount of pressure to remove the cover. I can get it to fit tight enough that it’s easier to pop off the cover by the magnets than unclasping the hook, but that is up to you.

The case works great for me now and is my go to, but I’d really like to see them put a wider clasp on the cover with a catch on the case side to grab onto the hook clasp in future revisions, if they do any. Honestly this could have been fixed by better molding of the clasp or making it 1mm longer, but I have a feeling that they did this so that people don’t complain that the case scratches their device, which it can do if you bend the clasp in too far. Still after “fixing” it it’s now my favorite case.

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  • Protective flip case designed for Nintendo Switch Lite 2019
  • Made from soft TPU back cover and high quality nylon material front cover
  • Ergonomic handgrip design offers a comfortable grip for playing in handheld mode