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Night Light For Kids

Night Light For Kids
Night Light For Kids

Night Light for Kids, LBell 3 in 1 Star Projector w/LED Nebula Cloud for Bedroom/ Game Rooms/ Home Theatre/ Night Light Ambiance with Bluetooth Speaker, Voice Control& Remote Control

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Night Light For Kids So Good, I have another starry sky projector nightlight that WAS one of my favorite projector lights that I use while DJing and also just for partys.

The other one was basically the same kind of light,but it also had a picture of a crescent moon that this light doesn’t have…but thats totally acceptable because this light is so much better imo.

This light blows the old one out of the water in a few different ways.

The old one has the same water reflection effect,but it covers a MUCH smaller area than this light does.

The old one also had no remote and you couldnt change the speed in which it changed colors,AND you couldnt control the speed of the water reflection like you can on this one.

The laser stars are much brighter on this one,the reflection colors are more vibrant,and this one will even play music if you plug in a thumb drive with music on it.

The only thing the other light had that this one doesnt,is an onboard rechargeable battery,but it only lasted for about 3.5 hours on a full charge.

I figured out a perfect work-around though for this light.

I just plug the light into a power bank,like the ones you use to recharge your phone when on the run,and itll go for HOURS.

Ive had this light for a few weeks now and I love it…im SO happy with it.

Promised Review By Christopher J. Loughlin
  • 10 colors dynamic projections
  • Remote Control & Musical
  • Bluetooth speakers & timers
  • Automated control timer
  • Gifts For Family & Children
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