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Neck Pillow With Heat

Neck Pillow With Heat
Neck Pillow With Heat

Herbal Concepts Hot & Cold Neck & Shoulder Wrap, Slate Blue

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Neck Pillow With Heat is Just perfect! I get spasms in my lower neck and upper back (C6-T2) on occasion, and they can be debilitating (they have led to my having to cancel appointments with my massage clients before) and these capes have been a life-saver. They smell great, but more importantly, they have real mass to them, so you get heat, but you also have some weight to the experience, which encourages you to lower the shoulders and let the heat work its magic.

I tend to nuke them for 3-4 minutes (longer on the first application, and then less each time, as the grains retain some heat). They hold the heat for 15 minutes or so on the first nuking. Over time (weeks, not minutes), they eventually will start to smell a bit like burned popcorn, which I quite like, but it is a sign that it’s time to get a new one.

The stitching allows you to pour the contents into the part of the cape that will deliver the most bang for your proverbial buck, so they are versatile. They stay on your shoulders as you do most things. From time to time, I’ll wear a chamois shirt over the wrap/cape, and that keeps it in place if I’m going outside for a while.

Really, these things are just a great invention! I’m thankful for their existence!

Promised Review by D. A. Vail
  • Delivers moist, penetrating, heat relief directly to muscle pain
  • Heats in microwave for hot therapy and chills in freezer for cold therapy
  • Natural herbs and grains; no synthetic scents or clay beads
  • Gentle, massaging pressure, hugs neck and shoulders