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Natural Hair Growth Oil

Natural Hair Growth Oil
Natural Hair Growth Oil

Natural Hair Growth Oil with Caffeine and Biotin - Hair Growth Oil for Stronger, Thicker, Longer Hair 1.7 oz

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Natural Hair Growth Oil is very unique product. Well as you can see, the product definitely works!! Top picture taken sep 27th bottom picture Nov 12. My hair fell out due to taking new birth control and I’m happy to see the grow back progress!! Here’s the jist of exactly what I did:

*(this regime maybe exclusively for AfricanAmerican permed hair): I received this product on sep 27, that night I started my regime. Washed and deep conditioned my hair, brushed gentle as I dryed it in front of the fan, applied 2 drop to each side of my hair, massaged gentle for 5 mins…. I applied this every other night b4 bed and wrapped my hair in a satin wrap.

I washed/conditioned my hair every two weeks. I did not perm my hair during this month long process. I styled as usual, light gel, and sulfar 8.

I stayed diligent to this regime and did not miss days. Clearly the results speak for themselves, my left side grew faster and thicker than the right, however, both sides grew! Im happy with the results and will continue this regime until im satisfied, thus, one more purchase will do because of my current growth rate. Fyi this first bottle will last approx 2.5 months.

Good luck everybody, hope this feedback novel helped.

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